Big Thing, Where To Start?

Now comes the next big thing, where to start? There are so many different martial arts styles, schools, groups and associations, I am spoilt for choice as to where to head first. I know that I want as a big a cross section of the martial arts community in the Warrior Collective as possible so I decided to contact a Manchester based Brazilian Capoeira Instructor first called Alessandro Ferreira (or as he is know in Capoeira Mestre Parente). He is the head instructor of a Capoeira group called Cordao de Ouro who have locations and run classes in both Manchester and Liverpool. For further details on Mestre Parente and his group, please visit that section within this site. I went over to the Trinity Sports Centre on Sunday 23rd February and spent a few hours with the group as they trained. Even though I busy myself taking some photos and vid footage I am struck by the elegance of the style. Having trained for a number of years in Capoeira I am well acquainted with how different it is to other styles but being in a session and just watching brings that home to me with a bang. Some styles are not that great to watch to the outsider but this is not one of them, even non martial artists could admire the skills and grace on display here. Mestre Parente is obviously a very gifted Capoeirista and he executes all skills being taught with an apparent ease. He is also a passionate instructor and the group although training hard never cease to look like they are having a ball doing it! With his talented assistant we manage to film some great tutorial for Capoeira on how to perform the ginga (which is the basic footwork used in the style), Au (Cartwheel movement used frequently), Meia Lui de Frente (Crescent style kick used in the style) and a well known training routine called Mestre Bimba’s Sequence – can we link this section to the relevant other place in the site ie club/vid?. I had a great time with the group and I admire greatly how they fully immerse themselves into both the training and the culture of their style (regular travelling to train with different groups, regular social events of a Brazilian nature, learning the instruments/songs of Brazil etc), which from my own experience is common within the Capoeira community.