My visit to 12 Gauge MMA

One of the gyms local to my own just east of Manchester is 12 Gauge MMA. Led by head coach Matt Thorpe they are a great gym and one I was keen to visit for filming. Thankfully I know Matt and he kindly accepted my request to go and see him one night after he had finished teaching. I made my way up to his main gym in Stockport (although he has just recently started classes in Macclesfield) and apart from getting lost finding the door to his unit loaded up like a pack donkey, it was an easy trip to make. As I walk through the door, I am immediately impressed by his great looking gym. The last remnants of his classes are just finishing off training or getting changed whilst I unload my stuff onto the nearest sofa. We chat as I set up for the shoot and it reminds me how much I respect Matt. He is obviously an amazing coach with proven results (his fighters have a great success record) time and time again but for me this pales against who he is as a person, he is a genuinely great guy and an outstanding role model for not only MMA but the whole martial arts community in general. He alongside his assistant instructor Carl Burton take me through some tutorials on anti grappling, the 50/50 clinch and adapting the thai clinch for MMA. Check them out in their section on this site for these vids and further details on their gym – can we link this section to the relevant other place in the site ie club/vid?!!