Contribution: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I am excited that Combat Base Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Darren and Helen Currie whilst up visiting my gym to support a ladies only BJJ Open Mat event (organised by Hannah Young) today, are also able to stay on and film some tutorials for the Warrior Collective. Having met Darren and Helen before on a number of occasions, I am always happy to see them once more. They are not only great advocates for BJJ within the UK and excellent instructors, they are completely grounded (even given their experiences and achievements) in the way they view martial arts and its community in general. That and they are great fun to be around! It is hard not to laugh and feel at ease in Darren’s presence, his Yorkshire accent relating his experiences and showcasing his sense of humour when coaching are for me a winning combination. Both he and Helen showcase some great tips and concepts in the tutorials they produce for the site – can we link this section to the relevant other place in the site ie club/vid? although I did feel for Helen on a number of occasions with the chokes being demonstrated ha ha!! They run their own gym in Pontefract and have affiliated clubs all across the country so make sure you visit their section within this site for their vids and further details!!