Masters of Martial Arts filming tutorials

Having now amassed a huge cache of photography and videography equipment for the Warrior Collective, today is the day we do our first tutorial for the site and check out how well/badly we perform!! Together with Liam Wright of Banter Media (who is one of my gurus for all things media related) we head over to my school Evade Martial Arts to film ex commonwealth wrestler and Evade coach Billy Cooper teach a tutorial on the double leg takedown for wrestling. Billy is an amazing coach and hugely respected nationally for his skill and ability (hence why I persuaded him to come on board at Evade) so I am really looking forward to seeing what we produce. Assisted by Evade’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor Antony Griffiths we spend a good few hours in the gym filming – can we link this section to the relevant other place in the site ie club/vid?. Mainly for my own benefit in order to see how we can best film the tutorials but also in part down to Billy’s script bloopers ha ha. First one in the bag!!