The World Of Martial Arts

The more gyms I visit and the more instructors I speak to, I am struck by just how many great people there are within the martial arts community and how much knowledge there is out there. I am looking forward to seeing how the Warrior Collective can help network and share this knowledge so that the community as a whole can grow as a result.

I am looking forward to helping instructors, clubs, groups and organisations gain a platform to help showcaske their style, teaching, ethos and knowledge to wider audience. Selfishly I am also becoming more excited at the prospect of visiting and experiencing more and more of what the martial arts community has to offer. I am open to invites so if you have something you want to share via the Warrior Collective, get in touch today and I will visit asap or if logistics pose an issue, I will help you produce material to be shared on the site, along with your details!!